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Business Brand Audit

The Business Brand Audit is a comprehensive research, review and evaluation process that produces a report on how your brand is perceived by external observers. It serves as a health check that reveals the status of awareness, image, reputation and attitude to your brand in the market.

A strong brand means a strong business. A strong brand attracts new customers, increases loyalty with old customers, and allows you to charge premium prices for your goods & services. Companies with weak and unrecognisable brands often fall by the wayside and years later leave people wondering just when they disappeared. Or worse, they are forgotten altogether.

Our Business Brand Audit aims to help you understand the steps needed to strengthen your brand, which enables you to make the most out of your marketing strategies. Knowing which strategies to employ, reduces the amount you invest in your marketing while maximising its effectiveness.



Our Business Brand Audit enables you to:

Understand how the public perceives your brand
Know the strengths and weaknesses of your brand
Reveal market opportunities and identify potential threats to your brand
Identify your ideal target customers who will give you the most profit for the least headaches
Have anyone accurately describe your brand to someone else
Be able to know which marketing strategies are most effective for your business



Our Business Brand Audit package includes:

Comprehensive Brand Audit Report
4 hours of Branding & Marketing Consultation



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Business Brand Audit
MYR 500
Normal Price: MYR 1,500

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