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Master Class: Mastering Digital Marketing
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NOTE:Thank you to our participants! However, this public workshop is no longer available. If you would like to request for a private workshop, feel free to e-mail us: hello[at]techmaki.com

Mastering Digital Marketing Workshop



Asia Pacific’s leading business IT architecture firm, ATD Solution, will be hosting a Master Class: Mastering Digital Marketing workshop designed & developed by Techmaki.

In conjunction with #MYCyberSALE, ATD Solution is offering their most popular Master Classes at 50% for the next 3 days, from 29 September to 1 October 2014.

Visit ATD’s website for more details.



Digital marketing is becoming increasingly important as a driver of business as more people rely on the Internet for their daily activities. With more people and businesses going online, the role of IT has evolved in recent years. IT departments are not only required to support the technical needs of organisations, but are now expected to be an enabler for digital marketing activities.
In this Master Class, participants will get an in-depth understanding of marketing’s impact on organisations, and how IT plays a vital role in ensuring success with digital marketing initiatives. Participants will gain the knowledge, practical skills and tools to immediately bring value to their organisations by effectively leveraging IT in driving marketing growth.

This course is delivered in an instructor-led format. The course instructor will guide participants through a 1-day immersive learning experience into the digital marketing world with interactive teaching, step-by-step processes, hands-on activities, industry case studies and live discussions.

Who Should Attend: This Master Class is designed for IT & business professionals, managers and C-level executives who are involved in marketing initiatives from the levels of strategy to implementation; and IT stakeholders who are required or planning to implement digital marketing for their organisations.

Duration: 1 Day



Acquire the Fundamentals of Marketing and its Importance as One of the Five Key Components to a Successful Business
Get a Primer on Digital Marketing and Understand How IT Plays a Vital Role in Driving it
Identify the Right Digital Marketing Tools That Works Best For Your Organisation
Digital Marketing Tools That Every Professional Needs to Know: Websites, SEO, SEM, E-mail Marketing, Social Media, Mobile Marketing, Analytics
Discover How To Measure Digital Marketing Results
Walk Through an Entire Marketing Campaign From Inception to Completion
Learn How to Translate Marketing Plans into IT Requirements
Industry Secrets: Digital Marketing Tips & Tricks



Know how marketing and IT can effectively work together as the new catalyst of growth for organisations.
Understand how digital marketing works and how to measure its results.
Learn various digital marketing tools available today, and how to extract value from them.
Be able to identify the right digital marketing tools that are best suited to an organisation to maximise marketing investments.
Be able to translate marketing plans into accurate IT requirements for efficient organisational planning.
Be ready to add value to organisations by effectively leveraging IT to drive marketing initiatives.



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