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[ YEAR 2011-2012 ]

F&N wanted to promote its brand of Sweetened Creamer. It launched a nationwide campaign emphasising the use of the F&N Sweetened Creamer as the only one sure way to make real teh tarik with a signature lemak manis taste.


As part of its campaign, we helped one of F&N’s advertising agencies, Lowe and Partners (together with Tandemic), create a fun way to promote the F&N Sweetened Creamer by designing and developing an interactive Facebook Application (app).

The app, called JomTTS (Jom Teh Tarik Session) – a TehTarik Friend Finder & Scheduler App – enabled Facebook users to find or add teh tarik locations and invite people to join them for drinks. The app reportedly had over 50,000 active monthly users on Facebook, and later went on to win an industry award.


During the 8th Malaysian Media Awards 2012, known as the media industry’s most prestigious awards ceremony, the JomTTS app won the Bronze prize in the Best Use of Social Media category.


Key technologies and skills employed in this project:

  • Facebook application programming
  • Vector illustration
  • User interface design
  • Game system design
F&N Holdings Bhd
Lowe & Partners
Live link:

F&N JomTTS Facebook Application

Since the project ended in 2012, the app is no longer being maintained and has ceased to be active.

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