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[ YEAR 2011 ]

Kechara has over 1,500 articles and several thousand images. Prior to migrating the website, most of this content was inaccessible due to poor presentation and usability.


By revamping the layout and the way navigation was done on the website, we increased exposure of their content by ensuring nothing was more than a few clicks away.

We built a custom templating syste framework on top of the WordPress platform, turning it into a proper Content Management System (CMS). This allowed the client to style and lay out their content more than twice as fast as before, freeing up the clients time to focus on building the website’s content instead of dealing with its technicalities.

As the WordPress platform we built upon for the main Kerchara website supports multiple sites and languages, we were able to provide a secondary site with all the articles translated into Chinese.

In order to reduce the overhead cost of maintaining two separate WordPress installations, we helped integrate both the main Kerchara website and its Chinese website into a single platform.

Our single sign-on system allows the client to easily manage their content on both sites.


Key technologies and skills employed in the project:

  • WordPress development
  • CSS
  • SEO
Kechara Organisation
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