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[ YEAR 2012 ]

MaGaCon is an annual gaming convention that combines the best of both digital and analog platforms. Only in its second year, MaGaCon was still relatively unknown to its target audience of gamers. The event organiser hired Techmaki to help with improving multiple levels of its marketing and branding.

The MaGaCon project lasted a year and was divided into several other areas. To view them please examine the links below.

MaGaCon Website
MaGaCon Marketing
MaGaCon Creative


Digital marketing
Techmaki set about creating an online presence for MaGaCon by directly engaging its core fan base on Facebook with live discussions and promotions. In 7 months, we helped grow MaGaCon’s fan base on Facebook from 600 members (April 2012) to 14,000 members (November 2012) with an average monthly reach of 245,000 users.

We also ran several e-mail marketing campaigns before and after the event to engage fans who weren’t on Facebook. Our e-mail campaigns had an open rate and response rate that was 5X and 19X higher than industry averages, respectively.


Key technologies and skills employed in the project:

  • Online marketing strategy
  • Social media planning and management
  • E-mail marketing campaigns
  • Online promotional campaigns
Live link:

MaGaCon Website

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