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[ YEAR 2012 ]

MaGaCon is an annual gaming convention that combines the best of both digital and analog platforms. Only in its second year, MaGaCon was still relatively unknown to its target audience of gamers. The event organiser hired Techmaki to help with improving multiple levels of its marketing and branding.

The MaGaCon project lasted a year and was divided into several other areas. To view them please examine the links below.

MaGaCon Website
MaGaCon Marketing
MaGaCon Digital


Creative Design
MaGaCon had built their original designs from several different sources which meant that they did not have recognisable branding. Techmaki proceeded to redesign its identity (i.e. logo, name cards, tickets, posters, advertising material). With this unifying look in place, it was significantly easier for MaGaCon’s target audience to recognise and connect with the brand.

We also designed an event t-shirt for MaGaCon 2 – when MaGaCon’s founder appeared on TV (8TV Quickie) wearing the t-shirt, the TV show host complimented the design. Event ticket sales grew 242% from the previous year which MaGaCon considered a success.


Key technologies and skills employed in the project:

  • Identity design (e.g. logo, namecards, etc.)
  • Vector illustration
  • Poster design
  • T-shirt design
Live link:

MaGaCon Website

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